It all started with the humble idea of the entrepreneur and owner of Misster, Mr. Hodjat Moradi. His admiration for italian artisans encouraged him so as to give confidence to a group of tailors who excelled in their work. The mission is to produce items such as bags, jackets, shoes, wallets, bags and accessories with high quality leather for everyone.

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The reputation grows and the Misster brand has begun to collaborate with high quality design brands that have defined the history of Florentine leather all over the globe. Style creations, distinguished elegance have brought prestige to the boutique collections that attract local and tourist shoppers throughout Italy. Mr. Moradi and his group have opened their shop in Via delle Terme 9, behind Piazza della Signoria and near the Ponte Vecchio, with complete lines of leather bags for women, accessories and men's jackets and much more.

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Travel bags, backpacks, shopping bags, shoes, jackets and trench, accessories, belts and wallets : Misster, your professional good friend, is ready for satisfy your wardrobe with pure Made in Italy and Made in Florence with style, professionality and high-quality standards.